Executive 1:1 Coaching

Executive 1:1 Coaching


7-Step Effective Coaching©
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Coaching is a highly effective communication and talent development tool. It’s designed to create situational awareness, accelerate individual/team agility and strategic growth. Though there are hundreds of skills, we focus primarily on five practical coaching skills within a practical seven-step coaching conversation model. Coaching also enables leaders to build specific strengths like: listening, EQ, conflict resolution skills, executive presence and delivering results. Coaching enables people to be the very best ‘version of themselves’ as leaders, to collaborate and boost growth. Those who experience coaching love its customized approach and often report a greater sense of purpose, engagement, and fulfillment.


Want to Get Great at Something? Get a Coach.
– Atul Gawande
Writer, Researcher, Surgeon
Each of us can be or are leaders at home and work. Coaching is applicable, portable and effective within all environments shifting people, teams and organizations forward from the present state towards their stated future goals. We coach people, across professions, levels and industries locally and globally. Coaching also works effectively across all five generations currently interacting and working together. Our coach-approach is applicable from senior executives; to directors, middle managers, consultants, lawyers, doctors, teachers, actors, musicians, politicians, non-for-profits, all the way to entrepreneurs. Coaching enables people, teams and organizations to partner with an experienced coach to generate purposeful, integrated and rewarding change that leads to growth.

How Does 1:1 Coaching Work?

Coaching encourages individuals to become aware of their: strengths, areas of development, blind spots and hidden strengths. We use many effective solutions ranging from one or more: assessments, 360s, goal setting, action plans, targeted feedback, shadowing, practical and relevant case studies, training to learn & assimilate new skills, with the ultimate goal to develop whole leaders (IQ-EQ). Coaching works as a life or talent development tool and is always a voluntary process with “accountability” built into the coaching process. Sometimes individuals hire us privately; other times, corporations hire us to develop: leaders and/or teams.

We can coach: over the phone, web, live or a hybrid approach. Coaching can be a “one-time event” when we’re hired to close gaps in a specific event. More often than not, it’s an ‘ongoing 1:1 relationship’ between coach-coachee, tailored specifically for that individual’s or team’s development. Some clients prefer more frequent check-ins with their coach, while others prefer a longer block of time in between meetings, once per month to practice new skills. We value diversity in learning styles and tailor each package based on specific client and business needs. As a global company, we offer appointments throughout the day while considering time zones. Coaching calls can be done from the comfort of coachees’ home, office or hotel room.

Besides calls, we offer web conferences or live meetings at client’s office. Coaching also builds the leaders’ level of responsibility through a Character building and a Values clarification process. The coach provides the coachee with inquiry methods, perspective, context, feedback and “in the moment” skill-building tools at each appointment to increase their ability to learn and have a positive impact as a leader. It is the process of equipping coachees with awareness, skills, tools and experiential opportunities to fully develop themselves as leaders, so it creates a rippling effect on the organization and their lives at home. Since the coachee is mostly driving the agenda they develop before each appointment and reports results, he or she is more likely to fulfill the goals, they set for themselves. Depending on how packages are set up, the coach can also checks-in quarterly with a designated sponsor discussing ‘top level’ themes versus content of actual coaching appointment to ensure both the coachee and coach are on track and work in partnership towards same coaching goals.

The Benefits of 1:1 Coaching

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  • Convenience Coach can travel to meet the individual, executive or team live at any location; or “meet” over phone for tele-coaching/web
  • Objective feedback (Coach has no internal agenda) use science & art of coaching to develop EQ; and balance with IQ
  • Dedicated objective sounding board to work through challenges, find innovative solutions, develop new competencies, skills, habits, brainstorm ideas, develop as a more effective, agile leader. Leverage coach’s extensive experience as a Master Certified Coach
  • Complete confidentiality so that client can build trust, test new habits-through feedback from: manager, directs, peers, coach; 360s, assessments to inspire measureable and meaningful growth
  • Maximize learning using: real time experiences to grow in the continued pursuit of leadership development
  • Learn to be an effective coach…by being a role model and being coached. Great coaches – get coached!
  • Face hurdles and conflict in collaboration with Coach. Reflect, respond and implement effective strategies on how to close gaps towards growth & sustained individual and team success
  • Receive dedicated: support, focus, learn new skills, habits and be held accountable on the: ‘how’, ‘what’- ‘when.’ Create a custom Accountability Action Plan© to stay on track & monitor results
  • Shadowing for real time feedback.
  • Celebrate success when goals are reached!

Our Approach

Our Approach employs both science and art. We don’t promise to “fix people;” instead, we see people and teams as capable of initiating their own change. Our role is to serve as facilitators or catalysts of change and influence talent growth through the: use of proven assessment tools followed by artful coaching. We’re able, on larger scale projects, such as team-building or 360s, to analyze information, distill it into valuable insights and themes with targeted solutions for senior management to accelerate positive meaningful change. Our coaches also ‘model’ character, leadership and communication skills to be an impactful executive, coach, advisor, collaborator, champion, and trusted partner. We believe the best way to learn how to coach, is to be coached. The learning process is therefore collaborative and intentional, with lasting effects. We often get calls from clients we’ve coached several years ago to share with us how they’re still using a strategy or tool from our original 1:1 coaching engagement. Our experience has shown us the most successful leaders experienced coaching themselves and therefore can speak, from experience, on its effectiveness on how it works to accelerate sustained results and value it brings to an organization, and at home.

Coaching empowers individuals and teams to take accountability for identifying, developing their strengths, areas of development and take ownership for acquiring new skills to develop their careers and to achieve their personal and professional goals. When a leader is exposed to innovative people development techniques, it inevitably inspires them to share their experience, lessons learned and success with their peers, teams, and family. In this sense, investing in a leader’s growth, creates a positive rippling effect across teams and ultimately, the organization. Through coaching, individuals gain clarity of their: visions, develop critical new skills and habits to be their best and often exceed expectations. That said, to move forward and fast, we must sometimes take a step back to reflect, create some space to examine if the direction we’re heading is where we want or need to go. The coaching process itself is designed to ‘hit the pause button’ and to evaluate what’s working, what’s not and implement the very best strategies to close gaps and move forward towards success.

What Are The Results?

True coaching works best when coaching is seen as a: “benefit,” a reward, or an incentive for “high-level performers”- rather than a resource to “fix” people as a disciplinary action. We cringe when we hear that an employee has been placed on a “performance “coaching” improvement plan.” Using the word “coaching” with “disciplinary action” is literally counter to the very essence, definition, and intent of coaching as a growth tool. Great athletes, leaders, entertainers or those who want to grow and learn, get coached; not people who have consistent behavioral issues or don’t want to invest themselves to meet performance expectations. “Counseling” or a “Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)” should be used instead to solve difficult ‘employee relations’ issues. If coaching is positioned and provided as a positive reward or benefit, the results are usually visible, exponential and positive. A “coach approach” to leadership development encourages intentional self-discovery, creativity, increased effectiveness and lasting positive change.

Ultimately, when individuals or teams connect with the coaching process and see that it works, they’re more likely to increase their level of role satisfaction, collaborate better, grow as leaders; be more productive contributing focused results towards the organization’s growth. Individuals who get coached are also more likely to organically coach others, increase their commitment and loyalty level, attract high performers within and ‘outside the organization’ enabling their firm to eventually become an employer of choice. People don’t leave organizations, they usually leave managers within organizations. The more people have a positive growth experience, the more they’ll want to stay, add value and tell others to join their team. Coaching is one of the most powerful and innovative talent development tools to optimize individual and team engagement, fulfillment and overall organizational growth.

Are You Ready?

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Our Coach-Approach

Coach People Inc.® is a, global, boutique leadership development firm with 20+ years of success working across industries and levels. We specialize in an array of: People-Talent Development Tools, Products and Consulting Services that produce measureable results using a “coach approach” when implementing solutions. A ‘Coach-Approach’ is a “leadership style” that’s “agile” in nature and works best with our current, fast paced environment. It’s effective across all 5 generations that are working together. It’s a unifying, level-setting style of leadership. Our method enables leaders and teams to get to partner together and get to the ‘heart of the matter’ quicker. Leaders provide clarity of: vision, inspire innovative ideas that turn into actionable goals. Accountability and rewards produce overall growth. Our methodology provides leaders with practical tools to create an intentional, positive, collaborative, and accountable culture that delivers focused results across: levels and functions. Leaders who utilize a “coach-approach” learn to shift mindsets depending on “context.” This approach is portable, can be applied anywhere and consistently creates fulfillment and growth personally and professionally. For more information contact info@coachpeople.com.