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Team Coaching and Development Increases Agility and Individual and Team Performance

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Thanks to exponential advances in global technology, the landscape of how businesses and projects are managed by individuals and teams are changing rapidly. What worked a year or six months ago, can be completely obsolete today. The volume of information, changes in technology, uncertainty, and other complexities require special skills. Organizations who don’t come to grips with this reality or stuck in traditional ways of leading people and teams, will not attract the best talent. Competitors aligned with agile, high performing individuals and teams, adapt and move through change quickly, leverage opportunities, learn from weaknesses and often implement innovative solutions faster. Leaders and teams need the best leadership development methods to adapt to change, grow and remain relevant.

Change itself doesn’t block individuals or teams. It’s accepting and adapting quickly to change, is what gets in the way of shifting forward quickly. Most of us can remember when a manager told us when describing teams, there’s no “I” in ‘team!’ We disagree, both are important. There’s a good reason why the word ‘me’, exists within ‘we’, when inverted. Coaching equips both individuals and teams with a common language, framework, skillset and progressive methods to be resilient within our new work environment.

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Individuals exist within teams. It’s therefore important for individuals to be unique, express themselves authentically; collaborate, contribute and grow as part of a high performing team. Important factors like character, culture, strengths, knowledge, skill level, organizational structure, experience, learning styles, geography, diversity, and training matters in the way teams communicate, innovate, and align together to deliver unified and focused results.

To achieve resilience within teams, it takes a radical change in how we develop talent and define teamwork to collaborate effectively. Whether the organization is small or large, these new skillsets for individuals or teams, is the same. So why do companies still believe that putting a group of people together equals a team? Or why do many organizations still use outdated teambuilding philosophies, skills, processes and execution methods that no longer work with rapid change to operate within this new business reality? Coaching remains the most effective talent development tool today that allows individuals and teams to focus on the most important priorities to exponentially grow personally and professionally.

Our coaching skills training for teams using character and strength based team development programs, enable teams to learn new skills to become more resilient, adaptive, agile, High Performing while developing leaders to grow individually. Often teams who use our solutions achieve more in less time with less resources and feel more engaged, grounded and fulfilled. Like sports coaching, great teams recognize every members’ unique: strengths, knowledge, skillset and communication style, regardless of rank, function or geography. Our customized or pre-packaged workshops can transform your teams.


  • New Teams
  • Existing Teams
  • Temporary Teams
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Middle Management Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Global Teams

How ?

We can leverage our existing Coaching Skills one or two day programs or facilitate our Character Strengths development programs for individuals or teams to increase internal and external agility or completely develop a customized solution leveraging both, depending on your culture, development needs and budget. Our highly rated team programs also come with powerful awareness building tools
to accelerate learning.

Below are some examples of programs we can deliver:

Team-Coaching Programs: Coaching is the best individual and team development tool that aligns with today’s fast moving business landscape and Agile methods. Akin to sports coaching, it builds individual and team awareness, skills such as: transparent communication that builds trust, powerful questions that move ideas forward and resolves conflict effectively, EQ skills to be more collaborative, and other results acceleration tools. Our experience, over 20+ years, shows us, over and over that complex individual, team or business challenges can be resolved and turned into opportunities quicker applying coaching tools than any other methods.

Team-buildings: to developing character, strengths and team awareness. It all starts with awareness building. Coaching and character strength based individual and team learning is scientifically proven to provide a solid return on investment, increases engagement, individual/ team growth and increased business results. We begin awareness building using for example: 360s or innovative character strengths team-building tools. Depending on the size and type of organization, we may recommend the suites of tools from Tilt 365® or the VIA – Institue on Positive Character. Both allow you to create awareness on your team, understand the team composition, team climate, learning and communication styles, diversity, existing team strengths and new strengths required to enhance communication, adapt to change and accelerate results and higher performing team. To ensure learning is assimilated, practiced and mastered, we also provide post workshop individual or team coaching. Leaders who take this program become more effective team-leader coaches within a more resilient culture.

Middle Management Team and targeted skill building tools: to sharpen management skills, build credibility, influence commitment and results. Our clients ask us often to create 1 or 2 day modular training programs to enhance Middle Management Awareness and targeted Skills. Many report, middle managers are often the forgotten group yet they’re responsible for results working closest with teams, vendors and clients. Our skill building training ranges from creating awareness on practical HR practices all the way to what we call “soft skills” like: listening, coaching skills, goal-setting & how to give & receive feedback, conflict resolution and other important people skills. It can also include strategies for raising emotional intelligence (EQ) level, or how to transition from Manager to Leader, with more advanced skills like managing vision and priorities, strategic agility, influencing and reflection. We use a variety of engaging and effective solutions, depending on level, size of teams, goals, budget and timelines.

Facilitated-Team Sessions: These are typically less structured yet well planned to, for example, gain maximum team feedback & participation to: clarify roles, responsibilities, develop or realign team mission or values; candidly discuss: what’s working, what’s not and define next steps and accountabilities to move forward. These can also be used to discuss how to collaborate to become a higher performing team, or to discuss the status of an existing or new project, or assimilate teams after a merger, or solve a brewing conflict. The coach-facilitator not only partners with leaders to keep the Facilitated Session on track, leave with actionable milestones; the facilitator also models the skillset discussed for leaders to be more agile.

We can facilitate simple one or two day local or global, on site or offsite, sessions or partner with one of our longtime vendor partners to co-deliver an elaborate, exciting and memorable facilitated session that captures participant experience on video, on apps, or other innovative platforms. It depends on the scope, size, group objectives and budget. We can deliver effective and affordable facilitated sessions from very simple to more elaborate.

In all cases we can facilitate team-buildings with or without formal assessments yet everyone always leaves with an Accountability Action Plan.© We highly recommend post team-building check-ins or coaching sessions to ensure the team takes action, after the session, on their goals, solutions and assimilate new skillsets learned at the team facilitated session. A typical effect is it also builds deeper trust, a renewed sense of commitment towards the team’s mission; camaraderie, new networks of support and leave re-energized to create and innovate.

Our Approach

Team Coaching by Coach People Inc.

© Coach People Inc.® All rights reserved.

Our approach is to: create a positive environment where teams can: Collaborate, Learn, Apply what they learned in the program and Celebrate together the rewards of attaining team results together.

We deliver services using one or more of the following, depending on many factors such as culture, team goals, level, venue, budget and duration of program(s).

We partner with you to explore which one or more of the following is the best approach to develop your teams:

  • 2-hour web-based programs
  • ½ day programs delivered each quarter
  • 1 day to 3-day programs on-site or off-site
  • Live, Web, Telephone or combination of all

We can use 360s as part of a team-building. We offer many options from customizable 360s to prepackaged tools.  Explore our 360 tools here. 360 individual results are rolled up into team reports and results are integrated and shared as part of the team-building program to create team awareness on top individual skills and competencies and gaps within the team to take teams towards stated future goals. These 360 programs are delivered in a safe and engaging way so that folks can discuss 360 themes without sharing.

We can focus team-buildings on developing specific skills such as Coaching, Leadership Basics, Team Dynamics, Conflict Resolution skills, Listening skills, to name a few. Skills development is especially effective with Middle Managers. We have prepackaged programs, to semi-customized to fully customized programs; with or without post team development individual or team coaching.

We also provide Qwikcoach®, a progressive performance improvement tool we can also use post-team-building. It’s primarily a web-based leadership development tool by subscription. It’s an affordable micro-learning option to support individuals or teams year-long after a team-building program. It can “stand-alone” or we can use this tool to facilitate monthly or quarterly live or online sessions, using Qwikcoach’s platform (with or without a Qwikcoach 360) to develop 14 Core Competencies for high performing leaders and teams. These web-based programs are presented with engaging videos, quick references, e-books or combination of all. Some clients who use other leadership development tools such as DISC, also use Qwikcoach® to support learning. Explore QwikCoach® here.

For more progressive cultures we can include as part of the team development programs: “Character Strengths” awareness building tools to ensure each team-member understands their strengths as well as their “team strengths” through team strength reports or team ‘climate’ reports to accelerate learning. We encourage teams to align with “what’s strong” versus only focusing on “what’s wrong.” For some additional information explore our Tilt 365® programs or  The VIA Institute on Character Science . Both are scientifically tested “Character Strengths” tools that serve different purposes and presented live or web-based programs. The VIA Character Strengths programs also come with limited micro-learning, self-directed, online by subscription post-team-building options.

During team buildings we use custom or tested programs. We may also bring guest speakers, use relevant case studies, film, team discussions, experiential activities, individual or team coaching post live or web-based sessions or micro-learning options. For more information, contact us at

What Are The Results?

  • A common culture, mission, goals, language and processes that inspires individuals and teams to share ideas, adapt quickly to change, resolve conflict respectfully with full resolution and excellence in delivery and results
  • A world class brand and reputation that makes a difference, attracts, retains and develops top talent through an, assimilated, positive culture where everyone ‘walks the talk’ and inspires passion, integrity, creativity and growth.
  • Clarity and alignment with vision, goals and roles allowing for empowerment, collaboration, fast decision making, grounded in good judgement.
  • A collaborative and highly network of highly effective internal and external individuals, teams of motivated people and vendor-partners who are agile and focused on delivering value for clients and a fulfilling work environment to create from.
  • A clear path towards positive behaviors that builds trust with individuals, teams and vendor-partners across levels, geography and industries to inspire loyalty, collaboration, innovation, and focused results.
  • Empowered employees who have a voice in the decision-making process while holding accountability for their own personal and professional growth, and choices in creating an environment that supports a: values-driven, positive behaviors that leverage strengths, especially under stress or conflict.
  • An environment that promotes continuous improvement, knowledge-sharing, and fair practices for all employees.
  • Individual-Corporate Social responsibility: clear corporate objectives that positively impact local and global communities fostered by: compassion, humility and service.
  • Rapid adaptability and Continuous learning: unified people who celebrate and honor milestones, differences and diversity.
  • A shared high-performance philosophy systems and guidelines that enable clear decision-making: for example, a: “Do it Right The First Time” philosophy; sharing best practices, using good judgement when taking risks and learning from best practices and mistakes.
  • A clear and unified employee project management process that leverages systems, structures, support and rewards behaviors that reduce: chaos for chaos’ sake, bureaucracy, hierarchy, a silo‐mentality, political self-seeking goals, blame, confusion, favoritism, complacency, or arrogance
  • A rewarding team experience, out of the box innovative thinking, where everyone is valued and excellence in behaviors and results is rewarded.
  • Shareholder value: an environment of financial stability, growth, safety and wellness for all its employees.
  • Reduction of excessive control and caution and zero tolerance for all forms of disrespect, political driven drama, greed or exploitation Strong strategic alliances and partnerships:
  • Mutually beneficial alliances with other organizations.

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Our Coach-Approach

Coach People Inc.® is a, global, boutique leadership development firm with 20+ years of success working across industries and levels. We specialize in an array of: People-Talent Development Tools, Products and Consulting Services that produce measureable results using a “coach approach” when implementing solutions. A ‘Coach-Approach’ is a “leadership style” that’s “agile” in nature and works best with our current, fast paced environment. It’s effective across all 5 generations that are working together. It’s a unifying, level-setting style of leadership. Our method enables leaders and teams to get to partner together and get to the ‘heart of the matter’ quicker. Leaders provide clarity of: vision, inspire innovative ideas that turn into actionable goals. Accountability and rewards produce overall growth. Our methodology provides leaders with practical tools to create an intentional, positive, collaborative, and accountable culture that delivers focused results across: levels and functions. Leaders who utilize a “coach-approach” learn to shift mindsets depending on “context.” This approach is portable, can be applied anywhere and consistently creates fulfillment and growth personally and professionally. For more information contact