Career Coaching

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.
– Paulo Coelho
Everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling life with a career or job aligned with their purpose, values and career growth goals. This is especially important since we spend the majority of our waking time at work. Career Coaching enables us to ‘hit the pause button’ to step back and work in partnership with the support and guidance of an experienced career coach. The coach will work with you to evaluate your future career vision against your current role and also ask ourselves reflection questions like: Am I fulfilled in this role? Am I growing? What are my top values & character strengths? How am I leveraging and building on both? Does my home and work life align with my top values? Is my employer culture aligned with my top values? Does my role build my character strengths? How can I do more of what makes me happy? How do my relationships support my growth? What’s my next career step? and other related coaching questions that ushers intentional career change and positive growth.

Sometimes, unforeseen life events accelerate our career move, like mergers & acquisitions, reorganizations while other times, we initiate it. Either way, it makes sense to work with an experienced, objective career coach to better align our values, strengths & goals with the best possible work environment and role. A career coach also provides us with awareness building tools, best practices, objective feedback, resources, support, and a focused action plan to keep us on track and accelerate results.

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Career coaching provides the framework for individuals to explore these types of questions, confidentially, to make the best possible choices about overall personal and professional growth. Career growth is not only our manager’s responsibility—each of us is personally responsible to initiate career goals and develop skills to close gaps that often leads us to more exciting career opportunities. Career coaches usually have made many bold life and career changes themselves; have strong backgrounds in related fields such as Human Resources, Organizational and People Development, Executive Leadership, Training, Mentoring and Consulting. They also have extensive experience having coached hundreds of people across industries, levels and company sizes. So they bring all that knowledge to the Career Coaching process and experience to best equip us with the career tools to create an effective roadmap, set actionable goals, ace the interviews and negotiate the best employment-development terms and results during the career coaching process, often while holding a full time job.

Our services provide a full-service approach, combining the practical facets of a job search such as creating: effective resumes that stand out, stronger brand-building, fine-tuning Linked-In profiles, leveraging networks, social media for a more targeted research. We also prepare clients for interviews by conducting mock interviews via the web, and discuss the best strategies for salary negotiations and a wide array of other career-change related topics. The more personal aspects of a career journey are also discussed such as the individuals’: purpose, values, career goals, character strengths, areas of development, blind spots, skill gaps, and any life-balance considerations to ensure a wholistic approach that often leads to accelerated and meaningful results. We ask questions that usually lead to a clearer future outlook, more fulfilling growth opportunities and options.

Our balanced approach is especially helpful when a client is feeling confused, faced with sudden change or stuck in a role that no longer holds significance it once held, or when a client has reservations about making a career change happen because they fear it, feel unclear about their future direction, are at the pinnacle of success, are newly retired or wants to explore going into an entirely new career direction. After we clarify purpose, vision, values, character strengths and goals, we co-create an action plan that has consistently yielded positive results. There are also clients who know exactly what they want and hire us more as a sounding-board, an accountability partner, for inspiration within a confidential structure that also keeps them on track with their career plan.

Who is Career Coaching For?

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We work best with Mid-level Manager to C-level who wants is seeking one or more of the following:

  • Career exploration within a current company or towards a new role outside the firm
  • Clarify: purpose, vision, values, goals against key career needs and required skillset
  • Get clear on your Character Strengths to determine what makes you happiest
  • Awareness and confidence building skills on topics like: executive presence
  • Develop new skills to close skills gaps required to reach a more senior role (typically EQ skill building)
  • Ask the coach career questions or best practices based on their extensive experience across all size industries, cultures, levels and geography
  • Fast track an existing career or slowly begin a new career search
  • Create a customized career strategy, marketing and personal branding message
  • Explore creative job search strategies
  • Research and evaluate prospective employers and best networking opportunities
  • Sound-board on career search best practices
  • Supplement search with awareness building tools such as: Character strengths, personality, skills and related assessments
  • Interviewing skills, mock interview role-playing on web and reverse interviewing strategies
  • Polish an existing résumé or create a new résumé, and cover letter
  • Discuss employment contracts, salary negotiation strategies, severance or related employment questions
  • Explore change strategies that minimize stress and yields success
  • Mentoring towards a more senior role
  • Gain more flexibility at work
  • Pursue a completely different role, industry and/or location
  • Create an Accountability Action Plan© with SMART goals, timelines and measure results
  • Navigate and receive support to stay ‘on track’ with all facets of career transition and change
  • Support during the first 3-8 months of a new role, including setting and exceeding “quick hit” goals for new role requirements
  • Re-enter workforce after a long break
  • Create a new career or post retirement plan

Our Approach

We provide a complimentary 30-60 minute consultation after we review a confidential questionnaire and/or résumé to determine if we’re the ‘best fit’ for your career coaching needs. If we both determine that we should move forward, we discuss all our pricing options that can also be paid monthly with major credit cards or as a prepaid bundled package. In either cases, we will determine together if we should include awareness building tools as part of your package, explore some of our many tools we use here.

After we agree on best package for you, we then send a complete “Intake Package” electronically with links to career-related assessments and other important career tools to build awareness and a strong foundation to ensure maximum success in working with us to reach your stated internal or external career transition or completely new career journey. Most of our career coaching services are facilitated on a call, or via web with e-mail support. In some cases, corporations who invest in career coaching for executives, prefer that we also meet live with clients and facilitate a 360 as part of the bundled package. Most corporate packages use a combined approach of live and calls; whereas the more affordable, individual, career coaching plans are done over the phone or web. It depends on the context, goals, length of time and budget level. We provide bundled packages for all industries, levels and geography.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Career Coaching

  • A well-written résumé is the only action step needed to land a new job aligned with our Values and Character Strengths
  • Career coaches will find a client a new job
  • It only takes a single career-coaching session to create a roadmap or successful job search

It actually takes more than one session, depending on the context of a client’s present career state, personal life details, the complexity of the job search, market for the desired new role-level, new salary requirements, geography and other related factors. It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of 1:1 career coaching (or 4-8 months @ 2 hours per month) for the average client to reap the full benefits of 1:1 career coaching and begin to see meaningful results in all aspects of their lives. In fact, career coaching success is directly related to the amount of time and work a client invests outside the 1:1 calls or in between calls (or live meetings) with assigned “homework.”

With over 20+ years of experience and a successful track record with career coaching in great and challenging economies, we’ve created a process that yields results with clients who fully engage in the 1:1 career coaching process. We have many career experts on board that work at Coach People Inc. We leverage our collective knowledge against a client’s desired future career vision, goals or direction. For more information contact us at:
We enable clients to get clear, receive insights, and feedback based on coach’s experience and relevant assessments. We provide the right balance of 1:1 coaching structure along with, support in between coaching sessions with feedback to accelerate career growth. We believe that our ‘inside-out’ approach yields the best results and eventually enables the client to ‘self-coach’ with future career transitions.

For individuals, explore Upcoming Programs for any current or future career public programs you can attend or let us know your interests, needs and we’ll either add you to a waitlist or can facilitate a career growth program at your firm. Career development impacts individual and business growth.

What Are The Results

Our coaches come from different backgrounds to ensure we match each client with the right coach. Clients who are serious about partnering with a coach to find their desired career, aligned with their values, character strengths and goals are usually very successful in reaching their goals. Much like in sports coaching, career coaches expect results. Our clients report that besides reaching their career goals, they walk away with a: awareness, a better understanding of their values, make clearer choices, boost in self-confidence especially when facing the more daunting aspects of a career transition. In addition, any change or job search within or outside an organization can create a level of vulnerability that can freeze people when they need to be the most authentic, agile and relaxed during interviews.

Clients find it helpful to speak frankly and unwrap these emotions with a confidential sounding board so they can better self-manage, focus on their career goals, leverage their strengths and tilt towards clarity, during interviews. Our clients feel supported and inspired throughout their 1:1 career coaching journey and appreciate having a dedicated sounding-board to attain their goals. Great leaders become greater by being coached by a professional coach. Our clients often say that our career coaching services “pays for itself” and for individuals, can be tax deductible in many states.

Are You Ready?

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Success Stories

  • Hired Coach People Inc.®, while making a huge career change. It was a daunting decision to leave, after 15 years of success, a large retail company. I needed guidance on networking, resume updating, interview skills refreshing skills and coaching was a solid platform to begin. It helped me focus my job search, and re-affirm my confidence in my abilities and how these would transfer to other workplaces. Angie's questions and suggestions on tools & material to review and read was key for me to really work on the things I knew I had to change and grow to a "better version of myself." I have recommended Coach People Inc. to many friends and co-workers and will continue to do so to re-energize my career. In addition I took the "2-day Coaching Clinic" and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Coaching is something I personally like because it has enhanced my life and use daily to help friends and team members in support of their professional growth & careers. Coaching People is a team of professionals I highly recommend.
    Aslin Castrodad, Regional Coffee Coordinator , Whole Foods Markets, FL

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Our Coach-Approach

Coach People Inc.® is a, global, boutique leadership development firm with 20+ years of success working across industries and levels. We specialize in an array of: People-Talent Development Tools, Products and Consulting Services that produce measureable results using a “coach approach” when implementing solutions. A ‘Coach-Approach’ is a “leadership style” that’s “agile” in nature and works best with our current, fast paced environment. It’s effective across all 5 generations that are working together. It’s a unifying, level-setting style of leadership. Our method enables leaders and teams to get to partner together and get to the ‘heart of the matter’ quicker. Leaders provide clarity of: vision, inspire innovative ideas that turn into actionable goals. Accountability and rewards produce overall growth. Our methodology provides leaders with practical tools to create an intentional, positive, collaborative, and accountable culture that delivers focused results across: levels and functions. Leaders who utilize a “coach-approach” learn to shift mindsets depending on “context.” This approach is portable, can be applied anywhere and consistently creates fulfillment and growth personally and professionally. For more information contact