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It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.
Eugene Ionesco

Coach People Inc is a small boutique firm specializing in an array of People Development Services using a "coach approach" when implementing OD Solutions. We have been in business for 21 years and our clients that range from: Boutique to Fortune 500 clients are located worldwide.

Our services include: one on one executive coaching , coaching leadership development programs, 360 coach training and post 360 support, instacoaching®, values clarification, group telecoaching, diversity training and Human Resources/OD consulting.

General Information: Coach People Inc.

Coach People Inc. (renamed in 2000) has been providing coaching services to hundreds of clients since 1995. Coach People Inc. provides services both to corporate and non-corporate clients. Our services include: executive: one-on one coaching, coach training, leadership development programs, group telecoaching classes, Instacoach services and HR consulting for organizations seeking to increase their success through better leadership, performance, communication, improved work environment and retention.

We also assist organizations in transitioning from a "consulting" to a "coaching" culture. This is especially important with merged or acquired companies. We are experienced at transitioning organizations into a "coach approach" culture. Coaching can also be a powerful tool when addressing change management and diversity issues.

We coach individuals at all levels within and outside corporate environments: including: CEOs, Executives, Partners/Vice Presidents, Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Producers, Writers, Actors, Athletes and more. In addition, our clients work in a wide variety of industries including: Telecommunications, Technology, Banking, Heathcare, Consulting, Airline, Automotive, Internet Recovery Systems, Pharmaceutical, Fashion and Entertainment industries.

Our coaches bring many, many years of experience to the coaching relationship/process and have developed specific areas of expertise and niches. However, Coach People Inc prides itself in coaching people, not levels or industries.