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The following article appeared in Crain’s New York Business, September 10 - 16, 2001

Executive Coach Helps Clients Be ‘People People’

Executive Coach Angie Pincin doesn’t give clients the answers to their management woes; she gives them the questions. They’re questions to be posed to employees, like: What should we do about this problem? What would you like us to do differently?

"They’ll say they don’t have time to talk with their employees like this. And I say, ‘But you do have time to rehire and retrain them?’" says Ms. Pincin, a former director of people development at AT&T who founded Coach People Inc. in 1995.

Ms. Pincin teaches specific skills such as how to ask powerful questions and how to listen to one’s intuitions. But she also helps managers identify their personal coaching style (director, presenter, strategist, and mediator) as well as the styles that individual employees will respond to best.

Manhattan-based Coach People’s clientele ranges from corporations such as BMW and Hewlett-Packard to Hollywood producers and actors. Ms. Pincin partners with nine other coaches and has two full-time employees and six part-timers. Her plan is to build a virtual company of coach partners in different locations.

Reprinted from Women’s News

Coaching Makes Dreams Come True
By Meridith Rose

When the United States Women’s Gymnastic team won the Olympics, the person they thanked with hugs and kisses was their coach. Comes the millenium and the New York Jets finally win the Super Bowl, the first person they douse with champagne will be their coach. Top-level executives have long relied on coaches to help them reach the pinnacle of their careers and now, with business and personal coaching becoming more affordable, an increasing number of people are turning to coaching for help in climbing up, and sometimes even off the corporate ladder.

Coaching frequently is compared to therapy, but there is a big difference, says Angie Pincin, founder of CoachPeople Inc, a coaching firm in New York City. "Therapy is about going into one’s past, finding out why you made your choices, talking about your family, your past experiences. In coaching you start with the present and move forward wherever you want to go," says Pincin. "It’s a forward moving process."

The one-on-one coaching process uses a system of inquiry, similar to the Socratic teaching method. "I’m no a magician," says Pincin. "I don’t know the answers. My clients are in a place of frustration but the answers are within them. They pay me to ask the right questions." Pincin, who says that she once was the quintessential workaholic, burning the candle at both ends, achieving all the trappings of success, stopped to examine her own values only after a colleague died suddenly. "I realized that this is not a life. My life style and my values didn’t match. My value, which is freedom, was not being honored."

Pincin, who has been coaching since she left the corporate world in 1995, knew that many other women were in the same boat, tying their identities to their jobs, forgetting how to be happy. Her coaching is done in 30 minutes sessions in person or over the telephone, once a week for three months. She says, "Coaching provides structure, feedback and support and teaches the life skills they don’t teach in grade school."

Career coaching can produce measurable results just as athletic coaching does. Whether seeking to liven up a stagnating career or begin a new one, starting a new business or growing an existing one, working with a professional coach may get you on the right track.

Reprinted from Women’s News
January 1998

From the Publisher of Women’s News
Merna Popper

The New Year always begins with resolutions filled with hope and promise of change, that life will be different in the coming year. Only hours old with new intentions, we recognize that old habits die hard and a fast beginning at the starting gate often comes to a screeching halt only too soon after the new year is launched. With the turn of the century only two years away, this New Year could be the launching pad for the momentum needed to effect change by the year 2000. Expectation for the new millenium is running high and 2000 will be just another year if planning and strategy aren’t put forth right now. What we do here and now is preparation for the new century. Acquisition of health and wealth are the leaders among people who make resolutions for the New Year.

"Are you ready to let go, to close on the past and move into action? ", asks Coach Angie Pincin who has developed ways to help people discover personal pathways to abundance and success. She is a personal coach who deals with the important issue of change. When you are as open to possibility as we are here at Women’s News, it is no surprise that Angie Pincin dropped into our lives at precisely the time that we needed her. As change agents ourselves, we rely on people like Pincin to enliven us and inspire juicy directed thinking to pass on to you.

Exactly how change is identified depends on how you see your life and where you decide you need to be. "I work with people on creating a collage, a theme to identify all the parts of a life. It’s a symbol to remind them to stay on track," says Pincin, who coaches people privately and within corporations to get past stress, overwork, and too much activity.

At a time in our history when people are frenetically searching for balance, Angie Pincin reminds us to PAUSE. Pause is a favorite word for the coach, and the way it passed her lips, sent me into immediate silence and a moment of introspection. I just stopped in the middle of a breath and paused long enough to slow down and really hear her message.

In the relatively few hours since our conversation, there has been an infusion of energy into my business and personal life. Not a coincidence, I have concluded.

Pleasure is a part of life and work and behaving productively brings the success we think we want to achieve so much. Money is one component of success, and money, Pincin says, is an exchange of energy. But the motivation for the new breed, X-generation folks and all those who feel the ripple effect, is quality of life. More than money, we look for balance and Pincin recommends that this is a time for people to reconnect with all the parts of themselves.

"What are you passionate about? What do you really want to do?" Angie Pincin asks. Unlike a therapist, whose job it is to look into the past and find answers, a coach, she says, stays in the present and her job is to ask questions. She works to get people to be able to ask their own questions, and among the questions most often asked is "How do you cross the bridge from the dream or desire to actually having what you dream?" Good question, and perhaps finding the answer is the benchmark of the next word of the New Year – ACTION!

Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and Angie Pincin is the first to remind the people she coaches that they must be willing to decide what they are willing to give up. "Excuses hold back," she warns, as well as "refusal to look at our passions. Staying distracted is one way of staying scared enough to avoid making change". Pincin cautions people who run on overload that it is just another avoidance technique.

"Pause and look" is the key to creating abundance and abundance means far more than money. It comes in the form of following your dreams and generating happiness and good relationships. As we spoke on the phone, I was extremely moved by Angie Pincin, and the pause about which she spoke triggered me to stop immediately to breathe and enjoy a moment of inner quiet. I experienced immediate calm and the beginning of a shift that her on-the-phone coaching triggered. It was Sunday when Angie Pincin and I met on the phone and it launched a feeling of confidence and peace crossing into the New Year.

So join us. Begin with this important issue of Women’s News to reach success and freedom. We are on a two-year journey that will usher in the year 2000 with love, passion, abundance and everything your heart desires. Angie Pincin will be our guest on the Women’s Line, our live, call-in radio show on Wednesday, January 21st from 11:05 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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