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Instacoaching® is very simply "on the spot" coaching.

There are times in our lives, whether personally or professionally, where we reach a fork in the road or must resolve, due to sudden circumstances, a situation quickly.

It is during this time that our judgment may become clouded because there are so many internal and external forces and factors to consider. This is a time when we need to weigh our options and know that we are capable of brainstorming options and arriving at decisions on our own…

…yet we intuitively know that bouncing our ideas off a sounding board, with a coach who is trained to listen objectively and who doesn't have a stake in the outcome, would serve us well. Someone who we can call on an "as needed basis",… who has a collaborative spirit, who can be truthful and assist us in making the best decision in moving us forward after looking at all the viable options….

Instacoaching allows you to do just that…you can hire a coach quickly (within 3 days M-F) of your call. You would not be required to do the standard "intake" session, instead, you hire a coach for a "one time", very specific situation you wish to explore.

This confidential service is especially powerful with high profile individuals (many of our clients include successful: CEOs, VPs, actors, writers, producers, etc) who often feel isolated due to their senior level position or because they are famous and therefore benefit from having an objective and trusted sounding board/partner.

Call 1-877-700-4979 or complete the enrollment form for more information or to interview a coach to set up an "instacoaching" relationship.