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Leadership & Personal Development Programs

2 Day Coaching Skills Programs
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Join us for one of our exciting and highly successful public 2 Day Coaching Skills Programs so that you can experience for yourself the power of coaching! An opportunity for you to learn one of the most powerful, proven and cutting edge leadership development techniques available. The Coaching Program effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for Coaching within today's complex corporate or business environment. You are provided with a Coaching framework that can be implemented immediately.

Life Balance
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Great Leaders Know Themselves Well©. It is challenging enough to find time to do what you have to do, much less what you want to do. The most advanced executive level competency is: ‘reflection’…how can you ‘reflect’ on strategy if you’re on a collective treadmill? How do you step back during conflict and not react if you’re energy, battery is low? How do you make clear decisions when the lines are blurred? When is the ‘right time’ to balance your life? What practical tools can you apply every day to create Balance? Come and explore these questions and your questions with other successful professionals like you. Take time to reward yourself and recharge!

Finding Your Dream Job: One Day Program
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How do you get clear about your life's work? How do you find the right job? How can you build a plan to get that dream job? How can you be sure there's a good cultural fit with your Values? Join us and explore these questions and learn a series of tools that will help you discover your natural strengths and how to leverage them to finding your dream job. Participants will leave with a description of their dream job, multiple pathways to get there and an action plan for their job search. Hear best practices from a career coach.

Dream Bigger - Live Your Life in HD: One Day Program
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How do you find time to do what you have to do? How do you keep sustained balance in key areas of your life? What practical tools can you apply everyday to create: health, joy, prosperity, meaningful relationships and work? Come and explore these questions with us with other successful professionals like you. Take a day to pause & reward yourself, you deserve it! Work with Angie Pincin, C-level coach & engaging Key Note Speaker who has successfully coached thousands of people globally since 1995.

Living Your Values, Living Your Dreams: One Day Program
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The most influential leaders all have one thing in common: They all have a strong sense of who they are, their unique talents and areas of development. Above all, they are comfortable with themselves. Some refer to this strong sense of self as 'executive presence', others refer to it as having a strong brand that 'stands out'---we refer to it as a person who Leads by Values. Participants will understand how "Values" are a powerful Coaching and 'life' tool and how it can be used as a significant Leadership Development Tool. Work with Angie Pincin, CEO of Coach People Inc. and Executive Coach.

Coach People Inc. Retreats
Open Your Mind and Heart. Dream Bigger: Live your Life in HD
"Minds are like parachutes...they only work when they're open..." anonymous

Dates To Be Announced Shortly
For more information call Angie Pincin at 215-249-9899