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Webinar Conferences

Take Your Energy Back - Free Teleclass
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The Restoration Approach to Work. Where did the day go? what we hear often...everything just seems to be moving at the speed of light. Too often we sprint from one major goal or ‘emergency’ to the next, draining ourselves as we go. In this tele-class, we will focus on tools to manage your energy and get back to ‘being at choice’ so you are at your best at work and at home. You will learn how to pace yourself through proven energy management techniques. This tele-class will help you step back, reflect and recharge yourself as you manage your day-to-day responsibilities.

The Art of Being a Decision Leader - Free Teleclass
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Influencing Your Ideas into Action. The big challenges in decision making involve making good decisions fast and then getting people to execute it flawlessly at top speed. When you do it right, you deliver value and profit. In this 1.5 hour tele-class you will learn the “debate, decide and do” model for making good decisions which garners the buy-in to execute decisions quickly. You will learn how to ‘influence’ key stakeholders at all levels so you can turn ideas into customer value quickly. And you will learn how effective companies make good decisions quickly that stick.

Leadership Back to Basics Webinar (click for details)

How do you best lead in the current business climate? How do you rise above the crises to proactively drive new markets and opportunities for your business? This program will give you the tools to shift your leadership to a proactive, customer focused approach!

Audio Conferences

Signature Leadership (click for details)
Building Your Personal Brand that Shouts Distinction and Delivers Results!

Everyone is overloaded with the sheer pace and volume of information. Engaging the attention of your audience has gotten a lot matter what role you are in. Come and find out how to brand yourself personally and professionaly and deliver results!

Rituals for Personal Development (click for details)
A practical tool for excelerating your personal and professional growth.

"Consciously creating rituals can work miracles in our lives. Barbara Biziou tells you exactly how to get started. Whether you've used ritual and ceremony for years or are just beginning, you'll be delighted
with her approach to bringing the sacred into every day life."
-- Christiane Northrup, MD author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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