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What do some of our clients say about being coached?

"Coaching has provided me with a way to assist my team members in identifying their skills, mapping out new processes, communicate more effectively, and develop strategies to empower themselves and others to successfully reach their goals. Personally, coaching has provided me with a communication bridge between my social service background and corporate environment that honors individuals values while focusing on achievable results. I cannot imagine the past year without having coaching in my toolbox."
Manager, Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey

"I began coaching out of unhappiness with my career. From the first appointment, I realized how little I understood what was truly important to me and what kind of life – both career and personal – I wanted. Coaching has helped me to pursue my career goals. The coaches’ intuition and wisdom provided new insights, with broad and practical application to all aspects of my life. I feel I now have the tools to continually grow and seek out happiness in all its forms."
Manager, E&Y, New York City

"My coach helped me to view the 10 key aspects of my life. She also helped me to make decisions for ME. One of the outcomes from our sessions was a significant job change within my company. I am really happy with the change and now realize that work CAN be fun. I am also learning how to strengthen all the other areas of my life and to live in a way that is more balanced."
Senior Manager, E&Y, Atlanta

"Coaching has helped me to accept and celebrate who I am. Slowly, but surely, I am creating a life where I experience personal power, joy and love."
Account Executive, Hewlett Packard, Dallas

"Coaching has helped me to recognize that I have choices and has taught me how to take responsibility for those choices. The coaches’ effective listening has helped me to see a different perspective and provided insight that generated thought provoking questions for consideration."
Senior Manager, E&Y, New Jersey