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Coaching Defined

Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on you taking action toward the realization of your visions, goals, or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build your level of awareness and responsibility, and provides you with structure, support and feedback. What do we do as coaches? Together, using our questions and your answers, we look at all aspects of your life. The effect of coaching often results in increased fulfillment both personally and professionally.

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy and coaching are both highly powerful and effective disciplines; however, they differ in the context of the relationship, the content of the sessions and what the client is requesting of the professional. Generally speaking, the emphasis in therapy is often on the client resolving past issues and the asking of why questions. Coaching primarily focuses on the client creating action from their present situation and the asking of how questions.

Coaching combines the disciplines of: art, business, philosophy, and many others. Also, coaching is related to other Change Management disciplines such as Human Resources and Organizational Development.

How Coaching Works

Everyone can be coached, and coaching is not for everyone. Individuals must be ready and willing to take action and experience change. Through a series of questions during an interview with your prospective coach, the client and coach mutually determine if a coaching relationship is appropriate. Typically, a person is ready for coaching when they are willing to extend a relationship based on mutual trust, able to identify where they are and what they want, and ready to take action.

Once we decide to work together, we conduct an intake session to clarify your: present outlook, lifebalance, values, visions, commitments, goals, and skills. We often coach by telephone, and this enables us to coach clients from the comfort of their offices. We also coach in person. Telecoaching is done on a weekly basis, utilizing a client-initiated agenda. Weekly sessions usually range from 30 minutes to one hour. We also coach through the Internet. We have on staff coaches throughout the United States and Canada.

How long do I work with a coach?

The client-coach relationship is kept completely confidential. How long do I work with a coach? We recommend a three month commitment in order to establish relationship and to measure progress over a reasonable time period. Results are rarely achieved overnight. Also, you may hire a coach for a specific project or for an unlimited period of time.

The Benefits of Coaching

• Take time to pause and to put your life into perspective.
• Live your life from fulfillment, in harmony with your values and visions.
• Discover who you are through the synergy of a client-coach relationship.
• Have a trusted sounding board and partner in managing transitions and change.
• Increase clarity, creativity, balance, and financial independence.
• Identify, prioritize and implement your choices.
• Have a professional support you as you set goals and design a plan of action.
• Expand your horizons by exploring new possibilities in your life.
• Improve interpersonal skills.
• Honor development at your natural pace.
• As you discover what you truly want, enjoy a life that is richer, deeper, more connected, and complete.

We attract a diverse clientele including: corporate executives, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CPOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, sales associates, Hollywood actors, producers, writers, artists, and many other professionals from a wide range of industries. We also work with Fortune 500 corporate clients on large corporate leadership development accounts; a list can be provided at your request.